Rules and Regulations


  • Students have to come to school in clean and tidy school uniform. Nobody is allowed inside the class without full uniform
  • They should be disciplined, well - mannered, punctual and obedient. They should be polite and courteous to elders and respectable persons when they meet them.
  • The students should take part in sports and games of their choice.
  • They should be prompt in studies, home exercises done and submitted on time
  • Students should handle the school properties with utmost care. Any damage to the school property will have to be made good by the students responsible for the damage.
  • Playing in classrooms and corridors is strictly prohibited
  • Students should abstain from any abusive or obscene words and a student whose conduct is not up to the standard will be issued with compulsory TC
  • Late attendance and non-attendance without leave application will invite disciplinary action.
  • Leave will not be granted without written request by the parent. The request may be written in the diary in the space provided.
  • Absentees for 15 consecutive working days without a written request for leave will be removed from the rolls.
  • Each students is expected to maintain physical clean lines; the class and surroundings should also be kept clean. All the waste material should be kept in the waste paper bucket
  • Students are not permitted to leave the school during working hours. However, leave for unexpected, emergency purpose will be granted at the request of the parent. In such cases parent should come to the school and meet the principal.
  • Every student is free to bring their grievances / lodge complaints before their class teacher and if not redressed can approach the principal.
  • Discipline and proper behaviour are considered very vital for the smooth functioning of the institution. The Principal has complete authority to dismiss a student or group of students if the former finds it essential in the best interests of the school.
  • The Students are expected to communicate only in English within the premises of the school.
  • Bringing mobile phones, CD's etc. to School is a punishable offence.
  • Celebration like distributing sweets, giving gifts etc on birth days are strictly prohibited.


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